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I Love Learning...........Again!

Vulcan Fire Training

What a fantastic course, this was learning through design, not just reading from a book or presentations. The majority of the the days were spent learning through the design drawings, it's been quite a while since the technical juices have been flowing, after spending so much of the my career in leadership roles, where I've studied Maslow's Hierarchy, Belbin's Team Roles or Edwin de bono's "6 Thinking Hats"!

It was a joy to go back to my "roots", and study both theory and practical as opposed to 2 up 2 down models of management. The experience was great, though full on, I was thinking to myself that if it had been held pre-Covid, it would have been virtually impossible to winzip the day, what with travel etc.

But the online learning experience with my 12 peers was perfect, as we sat remotely, all beavering away in the background from Glasgow to Guildford, asking inquisitive and challenging questions of our Tutor Greg Lapare, who was an absolute star, taking the time to explain to the whole group the answers and variety of solutions to our Fire Risk and Engineering issues.

The Class of 2020....

Well done to the October Class of 2020, it has been a challenging year, but we managed to turn "a frown upside down"!

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