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Case Study March/April 2020

NHS Trust

Assigned by a Global FM Provider to complete an Annual Fire Strategy Review and Technical PPM Audit.

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NHS Trust

Over a 6 week period the JeMS Project Team were assigned to undertake a complete review of the Annual Fire Strategy of this newly built NHS Hospital, in conjunction with completing a Technical Audit.

The Challenge: to ensure that the works did not impact on patient services and that all facilities and services remained available.

*In addition to these works being undertaken, the UK and in particular the NHS and the Infection Control Units faced a new challenge in the guise of the Coronavirus Pandemic, as did the JeMS team in being able to safely coordinate these works, whilst maintaining the newly devised Social Distancing practices. 

Fire exit sign above the door. Selective

Passive Fire Protection

The JeMS Project Team coordinated an intrusive inspection of the passive fire protection, to compartmentalise and contain both the smoke and the fire that included:

  • Fire Door Inspections

  • Fire Seals (compartmentation)

  • Fire Signage

  • Fire Risk Assessment

*NB; during the project we also completed a 10% intrusive sample inspection of the fire seals around the fire doors by removal of the architrave.

The Project Team also reviewed the fire seal detail against the original design scope to ensure that the correct materials were used when carrying out repairs to fire compartments. 

water sprinkler piping and fire alarm co

Active Fire Protection

The JeMS team were also engaged to complete a full Technical Audit of the following active Fire Systems:

  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

  • Fire Curtains

  • Fire Refuge Phones

  • Fire/Smoke Dampers

  • Sprinklers and Hydrants

  • Smoke Ventilation

Following the audit the JeMS team were able to guarantee Statutory Compliance and also advice the Trust on future maintenance savings. 

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Pandemic Planning

Whilst completing the project, the JeMS Team were instrumental in Risk Assessing the works, working closely with Infection Control and the Contractors to reduce the risk of both injury and the spread of the infection, this included:

  • In advance of site attendance employees names and competency

  • Site induction

  • Hand Washing tool box talk

  • Social Distancing Practices

  • PPE Inspections  

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